What is a competition?

  • To join with you current Browser, you pay sats (Bitcoin)
  • Every guess by any user costs sats
  • 75% of all collected sats can be won
  • Try to be the first to solve the puzzle
  • Start dates of competitions are announced beforehand

What are free puzzles?

  • Every solved puzzle competition becomes free for everyone
  • You can create puzzles and earn sats when people like it
  • Try to get a nice place in the kingdom of each puzzle
  • Often you also need external sources to discover the solution

How to claim sats?

  • Withdraw sats via the Bitcoin Lightning Network
  • "Sats (satoshis)" is a small unit of account in Bitcoin
  • You can withdraw you sats later (make sure to save the account recovery)

Need a wallet?

Support this project?

  • Create your own puzzles
  • Donations are greatly appreciated
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