What is a competition?

Regularly there will be puzzle competitions. The start date of each competition can be viewed beforehand.
If you feel up to the challenge, you can try to be the first one to solve the puzzle.
To view the puzzle on your current device you have to pay some sats. Every new guess made by any user costs some sats as well.
Those payments increase the winnable amount for everyone.

What is the competition prize?

75% of all sats collected in a competition, can be won.
25% are used for developing this platform and for creating new interesting puzzles.

What are free puzzles?

Every solved puzzle competition becomes free for everyone. All user created puzzles are also free.
Often you also need to use external services/sources to discover the solution.
Try to get a nice place in the kingdom of each puzzle.
If you create your own puzzle, people can like it by donating sats. This always goes 100% to the puzzle creator.

How to claim sats?

Sats can be withdrawn via the Bitcoin Lightning Network.
If you want to withdraw your sats later, it is essential that you save the claim key, which is shown to you on the withdrawal page.

What are sats?

"Sats (satoshis)" is a very small unit in Bitcoin similar to how the penny is a smaller unit of the dollar.

Need a wallet?

Here are two of my favourite wallets:

How to contact me?

Please contact me about any issues you encounter with the website. Also let me know about cool ideas you have.
This website has no commercial intend and is a project by Julius Henke.

How to support this website?

Create your own puzzles or solve as many as you can.
I also greatly appreciate donations for further development.